What influences the cost of my metal building?

The price of your metal building is dependent on a combination of different factors and can vary drastically depending on your specific project needs.

Typically, your metal building quote starts with size. Customizable down to the inch, square footage largely impacts the price of your project. The larger the building you’re designing, the more materials that will be required to bring that building design to life.

The real-time cost of steel is something that largely influences the cost of your metal building. As a global commodity, the cost of steel fluctuates daily and can be impacted by demand, available supply, and even political affairs.

Like the size of your building, there are other pricing factors that you can control as the buyer, including accessories and finishes. BRI Buildings offers an extensive selection of roofing, insulation and wall paneling options, as well as building accessories like the doors, windows, lighting and more. Your unique selection of building finishes and accessories will result in a custom price for each metal building design. Your BRI Buildings representative can work with you to determine the most cost-effective building additions fit for your project and can even provide comparative pricing for different finishes upon request.

Site preparation, structural engineering, and building erection are services available to West Virginia residents and are priced separately from your metal building package. Freight is also priced on a project-specific basis.