BRI Buildings a STAR Commercial Metal Building Design

BRI Buildings has the experience and the technology to design the optimum metal building kit configuration for your specific need in partnership with STAR Metal Buildings. The staff of BRI Buildings has over 50 years of experience designing commercial and other structures.

Couple that experience with the latest building design software and you will receive a detailed design plan, materials list, and cost analysis usually in less than an hour of your initial consultation.

BRI Buildings offers an endless variety of options, sizes, and applications of STAR Metal Buildings. Today’s metal buildings are not limited to that of the “traditional metal building” style of the past. There are no longer restrictions on bay sizes or “standard metal panels”; your building width, length and height can now be customized to your metal building requirements, right down to the inch!

To get some ideas of how BRI Buildings are used in specific industries, be sure to visit our resources page to view brochures of various industries.

To inquire about the design and cost of a STAR Commercial Metal Building from BRI Buildings, click here.